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Sunday, 22 January 2012

It Only Takes One !! Sunday 22nd Jan... Eymore and Trimpley

Having not really troubled the scorers with the previous days birding, I was desperate for a 'good bird' to cheer up what had so far, for many reasons, been a bit of a rubbish weekend. Some medicine , in the shape of a Crossbill, administered optically, was my prescription.
 So I headed down the road to Eymore Wood, where birds had been seen both yesterday, and indeed earlier that morning, making the possibility of a dip....well lets not go there !
I had yet to see Crossbill in my home county, and had only seen the species once before, a few miles over the border in Shropshire, just after Christmas.
On arrival, I started scanning the canopies for birds. Walking up the road I discovered a large Siskin and Goldfinch flock, as well as another local birder John C. The flock was skittish, but the c70 or so birds invariably circled back to the same few trees. I noted Coal Tit , Greenfinch and a Great Spotted Woodpecker amongst the flock as well.
After about the fourth shuffle of the pack, the birds settled again and BINGO ! a single stunning male Crossbill showed..redemption, 'cock-a' was hooped !
After enjoying the bird for 15 minutes or so, I headed off down to the water of Trimpley to see if I could bag a Mandarin for the year list too.On the way, a couple of Ravens kronked overhead.
On reaching the small reservoir I immediately spotted 6 Goosander including 2 males,nice. 30 or so Tufted Ducks dropped in as I made my way towards the main reservoir, but lurking along the edge of the Junior 'Rezza' were 3 Mandarin, 1 female. Always nice to see, the year list nudged on again.
On the main body of water, it was windy and quiet. Great Crested Grebe's, a few Coots and a Cormorant all that was present.
On the way home I interloped Shenstone Birders patch for a quick Skylark year addition too. That Crossbill though had 'made' the weekend for me, and will keep me going til next week.
Male Crossbill..Get In !!


  1. What? patch?...interlopers?...where?

    Stunning male Crossbill Mark. I will try and catch up with them at some point this week

  2. Nice one Mark,
    Took ten years to find one on my patch!! :-)

  3. A great sighting of the Crossbill, Mark. Very eye-catching. I'd love to see one of those.

  4. Thanks for the comments, I cannot imagine not being excited by the sight of these birds, they have a certain magic about them.