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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Brambling on the patch yearlist

Final opportunity to Bird until the weekend.Really poor light today. The fishing pool was very quiet, being busy with fishermen, but I quickly picked up a Nuthatch to add the the year list. After yesterdays Redpoll flock I was rewarded again, this time with a mixed flock of containing Siskin aswell.
I then headed to Woodrow hoping for a few Fieldfare, but instead found good Redwing numbers, and a very large but flighty finch flock, comprising c200 Chaffinch. I love a finch flock. I scanned and scanned and eventually when many went up into a tree, I picked up a Brambling by scanning with the scope. Result. I moved a couple of mile back down the road onto my own patch and immediately chanced upon another promising flock of finches. This flock was smaller but much more mixed, including good number of Yellowhammers.A bit of patience again with the scope and I winkled out 2 Bramblings, a great start to birding on the patch this year.

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