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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Proposed Shenstone Development

I have done a bit of birding this weekend, but in light of news of a proposed.."permanent site" for " Travelling Show People"  at Shenstone, I am dedicating this weeks post to a link to The Shenstone Birder's blog. The site will be be on an area where red status species are regularly seen and breed, such as Corn Bunting Grey Partridge and Yellowhammer. Please have a read of what Jason has to say and if you agree, follow the link to make your views known, its part of my regular birding sites.


  1. Thanks for highlighting the issue Mark and sharing the link

  2. I suspect the most objections fron non residents will be on the grounds of conservation. I also suspect the main reason if it gets refused will be on practicalities.Still, it will be no bad thing if awareness of red listed species increases as a result.