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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Marsh Harrier

Is there no end in sight to this bitterly cold weather ? I've had enough of layering up and slipping around. You can forget mothing ! and non of the few migrants  we would now be expecting to see are venturing into Doorstepshire.

On Monday I popped to Upton Warren. The Flashes was quiet save for 4 Avocets, a couple of Oystercatcher's and a few Curlew so I headed to the Moors.

 After leaving the car I noted a raptor heading south, away from me, over the Moors towards the Flashes, but gradually circling to gain height. It wasn't a Buzzard, and it wasn't a Red Kite, but with a brief bit of  sun the bird was in silhouette. I had to let it go.
I noted with interest that later that day, a Marsh Harrier was seen on the reserve...was it that bird arriving ? I will never know.
Anyway, I headed to the hide.On my way I flushed the Water Rail, and in the hide picked up a Common Gull among the Black Heads. Both year ticks, so not a disaster.
Common Gull

As the Marsh Harrier decided to hang around, I decided on Wednesday to chance my arm and see if it would show for me. I had seen one at Upton before, but very distant and not really satisfying.
When I arrived it had gone to ground in the Reeds. There was a Little Ringed Plover present which was a nice year tick
Little Ringed Plover

 Lucky for me, as the cold sneaked into my feet, it took to the air and gave a nice display between the second and third flashes. It's a very pale bird, likely a female, but be interesting to see what info is gathered from it's tag.
Marsh Harrier Upton Warren

At last , a few new things to see and at least get record shots of

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