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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

December Moth, Winter Moth,and a change for the blog

A forecast of a slight increase in the minimum temperatures persuaded me to roll the dice for possibly the last time this year with the moth trap.
 It's been a great full first "proper year" after the washout of 2012, and I have managed to identify 157 of the moths that have visited my Garden in 2013. My Garden list is now 167, and I think there a lot more to come given a bit of decent weather in 2014.I will also be trapping at other locations.
Anyway, I had 2 species in mind, December and Winter Moth. The former is 'the looker' of the two, and nicely marked moth, the male having great feathery antennae.
The moth gods were kind....

Larger ♀ on left, ♂ on right

♂ December Moth solo shot !

Winter Moth
Finally, a change of Blog title.
Since coming back to birding a few years ago, my interests have diversified. I will still include birding in the blog, in fact January will concentrate on the "Foot It" challenge...This is how many species of bird  can be seen within a 1 mile radius of home in the first month of the year,using leg work only. A bit of exercise and something to help get through the bleak winter months.
However, birding is just one element of what I enjoy, do, and indeed blog about... so I think it's time the title reflcted this. I will include more pan listing especially with respect to a 1 square Km I am, and will continue to survey over 2014. So hopefully lots of new creatures, flora ( and good birding ) next year !

Cheers !


  1. A great selection of end of the year moths Mark! I particularly like the December moths, smart looking things.

    P.s. Glad to see that you have still got your 'door stop' in the blog title mate!

  2. Cheers, yes a real bonus to cap a good mothing year :)