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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Orange Tips it over 200

Couple of weekends ago there were plenty of Brimstones, and a single Chiffy. This weekend Chiffchaffs and Blackcaps were very well represented, and Swallows were settling in rising numbers.The first patch Orange Tips were in good numbers also, mostly male.

♂ Orange Tip
Another Butterfly species also made an appearance in slightly lesser numbers, namely Green Veined Whites, including this pair who got straight down to producing some more of the species.

Green Veined Whites

Sunday was excellent on the invert front and other new species from the lepidoptera  representatives came in the form of two species of Micro moths.

Eriocrania subpurpurella

Incurvia masculella

On the Ladybird front,7  Spots were everywhere. There was the occasional Harlequin too. It was nice to find my second 10 Spot, looking a bit more mature than the one I had in February.

10 Spot Ladybird

Even better, this 14 Spot Ladybird was a patch lifer nad the XXth Ladybird Species so far this year.

14 Spot Ladybird

The Hoverfly species Helophilus pendulus   was another year tick for me

As was this Crab Spider Misumena vatia

In among the nettles were a few Green Shield Bugs,

Green Shieldbug

And finally,  the plant  Groundsel tagged on for good measure.As ever , a few species being ruminated over for later, but with no target in mind, I was pleased to finish the weekend with such a nice selection.

Total Species 209


  1. Brilliant stuff. Do you use a sweep net? A bit of late evening netting should increase your micro moth total at this time of year.

  2. Hi Bill. Thanks. Not got a sweep net... yet, but its certainly on my radar !