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Monday, 12 January 2015


Its been a battle of the elements so far this year, heavy rain, freezing fog and strong winds. Nothing has deterred me from getting out and about though .The biggest reward has been discovering the New Years eve Stonechat is still about, spotted on the 11th, pushing my patch year list past the half century mark.

Despite covering the area where I usually find good early Snowdrops, I somehow forgot to check until today, and lo and behold it looked like they they had been out waiting for me for a few days. Still, it beats last years first find by a whole week. Good to see !


  1. How nice to see snowdrops out this early, the ones at the park wood (my patch) are still under the leaf littler and a long way of from flowering. Did have my first mammal though a Hedgehog was out looking for food on Saturday, it should have been still tucked up in bed, it did look very healthy so left it to forage for food.
    Amanda xx

  2. Thanks Amanda. You must be very pleased finding a Hedgehog, I've not managed to record one on my patch. I did have a vixen dash across my path on Saturday to start my mammal list off for the year though :)