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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Dotted Chestnut. Garden.

I had a Dotted Chestnut in my garden moth trap on the 10th April. A lifer,and  my first new species of the year. This moth overwinters as an Adult.Not much is known about its foodplant preferences.

Dotted Chestnut

 Considered extinct in the County from 1834 to 1999. It's now listed on the Worcestershire Macro Moth list as " Common , Fairly Common,Widespread" , however, searching the National Biodiversity Network it has only been recorded previously in four 10km Squares within Worcestershire, not mine to date. I'm aware from searching the internet its been trapped in some local woods and the odd garden outside of my square in North Worcs. It is considered nationally scarce, category B, occurring mainly in the south/ southeast of England
I reckon this was blown in by the strong winds, and whatever its official status,  I was cocker hoop to land it in my garden trap !

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