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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Obscure Wainscot

The moth scene through May and the first half of June was dire. After a few days away I returned with renewed enthusiasm, as I couldn't help but notice fellow moth-ers were starting to cheer up on social media.
The last 3 nights have been a veritable moth-fest compared to the last couple of months, and numbers have risen night on night. More importantly, I've trapped a couple of corkers.
Firstly, Obscure Wainscot. This can wander into gardens but is largely restricted to a handful of  wetland locations in the county.
Obscure Wainscot

On the back if that, the following evening I landed my first Alder moth. Not rare, but not something I see other folks recording that often either. A smart moth, and as the Macro garden  list grows, each newbie is appreciated.


Finally last night, not a new moth, but only ever had a single individual previously ( 13/7/2013 ), a Ghost Moth.

Ghost ♀

The pain of all the early morning checking of an empty trap is beginning to fade.


  1. Nice to hear the moths have been flying again, went to a moth trapping event at the weekend and got to see quite a few Ghost moths (and others), apparently they are one of the bat's favourite moths to eat, they are finding quite a few wings around the traps.
    Amanda xx

  2. I haven't seen bats over the garden for about 5 years :(..however, there were the wings of a Pepper Moth near the trap recently, which made me wander if they are back ? Keeping a look out !