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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Having attended a talk on 'Adders in the Wyre' a couple of weeks ago, I was keen to try and see this elusive and threatened species. Fellow attendee and Birder Jason K had some knowledge he was kind enough to share, so with weather looking spot on, we headed out for a few hours in the Forest.
However, some birding first, and a circuit of Uncllys was undertaken in the continued quest for Lesser Spotted Woodpecker.
Its a cracking piece of woodland, and work is being undertaken to improve butterfly habitat at present. Birding wise,  fairly routine fare but even when this is the case the habitat can be enjoyed, appreciated and speculated upon for it's potential in the coming weeks and months. Both Blue Tit and Nuthatches seemed particularly frisky, and several Nuthatches showed very well along the walk.Also of note were several Micro Moths flitting about, whetting my appetite to set the moth trap latter that evening. A Pair of buzzards were also displaying low, with one undertaking an impressive dive over the small pool.
A quick call at the bottom of Drymill Lane yielded a pair of Grey Wagtails, but neither of us have come across Marsh Tit in our recent visits, which is odd. Up at Lodge Hill we had nice views of Siskin, and a pair of Raven observed from Dowles seemed to getting a bit jiggy. As one would expect on a sunny lunchtime in the Forest, a Tawny Owl called.
We were disappointed not to happen upon any butterflies, but heard reports from fellow birders of Brimstones and Commas being about.
And so to the main event, around 1.15 with the sun nice and warm on a hybernaculum, ten minutes or so careful scanning yielded Snakey Boy ! a stonking male adder with a lovely red eye showing. Initially we could only see a section of its body, but eventually it moved, we lost it then re spotted in  a nice pose which it held for a minute or two before moving off. Fortunately, this coincided with me turning my camera to video, and filming it on full zoom VIDEO HERE . Brilliant find, smashing day out !

Male Adder Wyre Forest-click to enlarge


  1. A super sighting of the Adder for you and a great video Mark! It sounds as though you had a good day all round from your post. Coincidentally I was also at Dowles Brook today and spoke to two fellow birders on the bridge, good to have met yourself and Jason, though totally unaware of this at the time.

  2. Hi Pam, after you left it occured to us you may have been Pam, glad we connected, hope to cross paths again soon :)

  3. Doh! you beat me to uploading an adder video Mark. Actully yours has come out really well..nice one!

  4. Cheers mate, I was pleasantly surprised myself !