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Friday, 23 March 2012

Mothtastic !

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge of Lepidoptera into the field of macro moths. To help facilitate this it seemed a good move would be to obtain a moth trap ( and us boys like our toys !). After some research I came across a Paul Batty and he was most helpful in advising and constructing something to suite my needs, a Eco 20 Heath trap running from a portable 12v battery..

Obviously this is not the prime time of year for trapping , and it remains to be seen what our garden holds ..I admit it may not be the most nectar rich place in North Worcs as my wife has a liking for greenery rather than flowers, but I think I have persuaded her to plant a few nectar rich species in the coming weeks.

So after a couple of blank ventures I was hopeful last night of making a catch, as the weather seemed very favourable.

To aid trap recovery I found myself  wide awake around 6am , so fetched the trap to the kitchen and eagerly opened it up. As I lifted the layers of egg boxes, nada, nothing, not a sign of life. I was just about to curse my luck when lurking at the bottom of the box was..A MOTH !..I was cocker hoop ! seriously, chuffed to bits. I carefully placed him on some paper and got a few snaps. With my moth guide to hand, I didn't really know where to start, so started looking up names I remembered and on second attempt matched '' Satellite'' to the specimen before me.

As I have a small garden, I will aim to trap once a week, but given the single catch I think I can risk a reload in the next few days as the forecast is good. I'm really excited about what could be out there in the coming peak months !
Satellite Moth


  1. Congratulations on your first trapped Moth, Mark. If one moth can do that to you, just think what the summer months will result in.

  2. I dare to imagine Dean, I dare to imagine....

  3. Good luck with the new pursuit! So many moths out there...and I know about two...I look forward to seeing what turns up in your trap.

    Does the 'satellite' refer to the little white dot (orbiting) the big one?

  4. Hi Rob, Cheers, yes there are 2 small satellite dots next to the larger kidney shaped blob on each wing. It's a whole new world mate

  5. I have used this site a few times, found it very useful when you don't know where to start -

  6. A good start Mark!
    A good Guide book is 'British Moths and Butterflies' a photographic guide by Chris Manley.
    I have used a home made moth trap with not much! I find most of my moths in my porches and around lights outside. Good fun and there are some beauties out there too!
    Good luck with your Mothing nights!

  7. Cheers for that link Dave, very useful !

    Its a brilliant hobby Pam, I am loving it, now had 3 different moths on sucessive nights :)

  8. Hi Mark,

    I read your post with a big smile on my face, as I can recall when I first put my trap out almost 2 years ago to the day! I didn't expect much and was equally thrilled when I caught a few...and then I caught some more...and then the weather warmed up and I caught lots more! It really is a fascinating hobby, and sitting on a Sunday morning unwrapping your trap is like Christmas to me, you never know what's going to be inside!

    Keep it up, I'll certainly be returning to see what you've caught!


    Steve T

  9. Hi Steve, thanks for stopping by, I'll cetainly be keeping tabs on your blog too mate