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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sunday Doorstep

Easter Sunday, always difficult to know how to celebrate the birth of the Easter bunny, but I decided to do a bit of birding, with a little circumnavigation of the Doorstep.
Deansford Lane was quiet, but fresh plough is being created so watch this space. The only excitement came when leaning on my boot scanning for birds I noticed the car was trying to push me out the way, luckily I managed to avoid a crisis ( must remember to engage a gear before exiting car in future)
Anyway, on to Tanwood where I delighted to see a Swallow perched on the telegraph wire,all on his tod but settling in nicely. I wandered if it was the same bird I had photographed there last August ?

My 1st non flying Swallow, looking to settle in

As one species arrives,  c150 of another in the shape of Fieldfare, were having a good leaving feed in the top field, as a Woodpecker drummed frantically in the distance.
I moved on to Shenstone for more plough, and maybe a first Worcestershire Wheatear or two. Arriving on Back  Lane, I actually found three, 2 male's and lovely dusky female.

Male and Female Wheatear

 I spent a good hour there, also observing 8 meadow Pipits drop in and fly out, and a Female Kestrel snack on a mouse. At one point there were four kestrels over the field, getting a bit territorial and feisty, quite a sight.

Eating a mouse, looked great in my Scope !
Having filled my boots I swung by Shenstone farm where I happened upon a solitary male Wheatear as well. This field was rich with Linnets and Skylarks . It started to rain so I headed back to the car, well pleased with my mornings haul.

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