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Monday, 23 April 2012

Good birds and showers

 A couple of sightings from in the the week. On Monday 16th a male Ring Ouzel was found at Shenstone by JK, and thankfully it hung around until I could pay an after work visit to secure the species onto my county list. Although views gradually became more distant, it was a great bird to see a few minutes from home.

On Wednesday 18th  Interlopus Shenstonus Tescosus found some Wheatears on my patch, and I was grateful to be able to add them to my patch year list when I swung by post work. It was 2 days earlier than an almost identical sighting I had had last year.

So to the weekend. On Saturday with the weather being as it was, ie cold and heavy showers, I took the dry option of a couple of hours hide squatting at Upton. Unfortunately the birding was a bit dull, save for a single Common Tern which was a year first. On the way back for lunch I stopped by the patch where 3 Green Woodpeckers were the highlight and 3 species of  Lady Bird, 7 Spot and 2 Spot as well as a Harlequin were noted. I also saw my first patch Orange-tip, a male.

Pesky, thankfully only a couple,  and loads of 7 Spot

In the afternoon, just as I was losing my birding  mojo, I got a call from a local birder who had a Grey Partridge in view in a field down the road. As I had repeatedly failed to connect with this species I dashed over to secure a look at the bird, a lifer for me.My thanks go to him,but being that time of year, I'll say no more about location.

Sunday, I headed to the Wyre. On leaving the car a Male Blackcap showed well, and within a few yards Nuthatch, Chiffchaff, and Willow Warbler had all been heard. Next up a Raven kronked then circled over showing it's diamond tail. A Couple of early rising Buzzards glided over as I progressed down to the farm.I was on the look out  ( or more likely hear out ) for Tree pipit, Wood Warbler and Cuckoo but by the time I reached the farm I was 0 for 3. However I lingered here on the lookout for Redstart and after 20 minutes I heard a repeated 'tuck' type alarm call located to a stunning male Redstart perched at the top of a dead tree. He only showed for 30 seconds or so, but a real beauty and I was well satisfied with my patience.
The dark clouds were gathering so I decided not to walk the stream, but returning to the car lingered for a couple of Willow Warbler pics and a Video of one singing it's distinctive song. I was nearly back at the Car when I stopped in my tracks, hearing the tell tale 'spinning coin ' call of Wood Warbler ! As I scanned the woods it was evident 2 were calling in the area, and eventually I got onto the lovely green plumage and watched the bird do his little shiver as he called and flitted from branch to branch.

Willow Warbler. Wyre

It was starting to rain , so I called it a day there and headed back to my own patch. I settled in a spot and  spent a happy half hour allowing the birds to come to me. A pair of Linnets showed well, with nesting material in their mouths. My first patch Blackcap,  tackked and made a welcome appearance. Throughout the period, a Chiffchaff flitted about, huiting and occasionally giving his more trademark song,  at times coming within a few feet of me.
Chiffchaff amongst the buds..Barnet brook


  1. A nice round up of your birding there Mark, some decent birds!
    Oh, and nice photos as always!

  2. Thanks mate, I was pleased with the steady progress despite dodging the weather. A Wood Warbler or Tripit pic would be nice next