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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Bank Holiday Azure's

I don't know about drought, it seems the mere mention of a Bank Holiday opens the heavens in Doorstepshire of late. Dreams of Fritillaries , Club Tails and Skippers were washed away early doors on Saturday. By the afternoon I was climbing the wall, so decided to head to Upton Warren as there was at least a Mediterranean Gull present, and I had not seen one since last year. So I went, and I saw it, nice Adult, bossing an island on the Moors. At least the rain had stopped so I walked round the reserve just in case something interesting ( Avian or Invertebrate) showed itself.
After much scrutiny I picked up a Micro Moth, Celypha lacunana, kindly ID'd by Patrick C. It was a start, and something new. There were no Demoiselles, or Large Reds on the wing, and I was heading back when I noticed a small movement on the vegetation..A blue coloured Damselfly ! In fact there were 3, one pretty teneral. I had it as Common Blue, or possibly Azure, the latter would be a lifer..I could not remember the subtle differences off the top of my head, but eventually managed a few snaps. With these in the bag I headed home to see what I had.
Once home  3 key characteristics on the Damselfly pics confirmed them as Azure Damselfly. This was very satisfying, having nearly stayed home, and certainly unexpected given the weather I was searching in.
Azure Damselfly

I decided to have a lie in for a change Sunday, given the weather was pants again. Eventually my mobile woke me with news of a Wood Sandpiper at the Flashes at Upton. Whilst not a lifer, there was a chance for good views of what is a very smart wader, and again a species I had not seen for a year. And it did show well, albeit in persistent drizzle that made the camera appearance fairly brief as it was blowing into the hide. Still, a nice bird. I just hope the second half of the Bank Holiday weekend lends itself better to outdoor exploration ......
Wood Sandpiper


  1. ''Pants'' just about sums the weather up nicely :-) well done on your Azure though, surely it can only get better from here?

  2. Cheers Warren, I think Monday may be a goer, with the general trend for the next week or so poor :(