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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Dragonfly Bonanza Part 1 ..Club-tailed Quest (again)

I started Bank Holiday Monday back where I had been 2 days previously. Unfortunately on Saturday I had not left the car, as the weather had closed in on arrival and I gave up my Gomphus quest for Club -tailed Dragonfly before it began. At 9am Monday though I was walking down to the River Severn near Blackstone. For the next 2 hours I searched, coming across good numbers of Banded and Beautiful Demoiselles, some of the former mating. I was pleased to find several immature White Legged Damselflies of the female lactea phase, as well as a  couple of stonking Drinker Moth Caterpillar's

Drinker Moth Caterpillar
White-legged Damselfly (f. Lactea phase)

After a couple of hours of checking the vegetation along the River bank I was starting to think I was going to luck out, but then I saw something wizz away and down one of the paths that descend to a fishermans jetty. Down at water level I panned the bank side vegetation and there it was, not easy to get a clear view , but definitely a Club-tailed Dragonfly !
Club-tailed Dragonfly
A record shot was all I could manage without risking an unwelcome swim, but I was very satisfied to have found what can be a difficult species to get under your belt. I thought that would be it for my Dragonfly adventures that day, but more was unexpectedly to come........

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