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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Small Red-eye Damselfly quest, the missing piece. Croome Park 1st September

 I've been lucky enough to see and photograph everything Worcestershire has had to offer on the Dragonfly scene so far this year (as far as I know), with the exception of Small Red-eyed Damselfly. I was aware these were now on the wing, so I set off to a new location for me, The National Trust Property, Croome Park, near Pershore. The weather was OK(ish) but on walking down to the water it was pretty breezy, which was a concern. I started by walking along the narrow stretch that leads to the lake, scanning the Duckweed. There were plenty of Ruddy Darters as well as Common Blue and Blue Tailed Damselflies, but nothing Small with a red eye.

In yer face ! correct colour eye, but Ruddy Darter

Common Blue Damselfly

 I soon became distracted by the butterflies. It was great to see some Small Coppers, a species that has been scarce this year

Small Copper ♀

Equally pleasing was seeing a few Brown Argus

Brown Argus ♂

and Common Blues, including a female, which I hadn't seen this year

Common Blue ♀

Other Dragonfly species noted were Brown Hawker and Southern Hawker. Arriving at the main body of the lake, I  was just onto what I thought was the target species when someone started asking me a load of questions ! By the time I had satisfied their curiosity I had lost my reference point. However a few minutes later I spotted one of the critters again. This was my 23rd Species for Worcestershire ( 24th overall ) this year and a smart little fellow he was.  I probably saw around a dozen on that stretch , before turning around and heading for home

Small Red-eyed Damselfly..job done !

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