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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Tapas...A taster of the inverts of Seville

I spent a couple of days in Seville this week. Amongst the heat of the city  is the oasis of the Alcazar and it's gardens. I could not help but keep an eye out for some new dragonflies and butterflies. Fuelled by a few too many tapas and glasses of wine here are the few species I managed to nab during my afternoon visit. I have done my best to ID them correctly

Violet Dropwing

Orange-winged Dropwing
The Dragonflies were tiny, as was this butterfly..
Geranium bronze

Geranium bronze


  1. Superb place, had a few migrants in those gardens last Sept - loads of tapas bars, we had the one that Rick Stein featured, a few doors from the hotel, El Rinconcillo (little corner) - then a week in Tarifa, rewarding with good vismig of raptors but very windy and unproductive on some days....

    Laurie -

  2. I saw the Welsh bloke that Stein was chatting too there, taking a stroll out for his evening Tapas, heading towards El Rinconsillo !

  3. Superb Odonata shots...those dropwings really are something!

  4. Thanks mate. I won't even start on "the one that got away story .."