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Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Last Thursday I made an eagerly anticipated sojourn to the English mecca of birding, the north Norfolk coast. What I had hoped would be a veritable welly filling exercise in year tick's, lifers and high quality birding ended in abject frustration as I was 'done' by fog.
It was foggy when I left my house at 5.30am, foggy all the way to Norfolk. However, the local radio 'KLF FM' assured me as I entered Old Hunstanton that it would 'clear by lunchtime'. It didn't,tossers, and by 2.30pm despite continually nudging further eastwards in a vain bid to escape it,  it was rolling in thicker and faster than ever.
 The locals were no comfort "settin in for a couple o'days " they all said to a man, chewing on their piece of straw. So whilst I think I went to Norfolk, I barely saw any of it, certainly no actual coast , save for a couple of yards of sea whilst stood on Cley beach, where I found myself contemplating doing a Regginald Perrin.
Highlights, 3 Marsh Harriers, Cettis ( heard),Guillemot (very close to shore of course), Turnstone, Brent Geese, getting home.

Brent Geese ..honest !
Fog Harrier

Mist Shanks


  1. I hate fog more than any other weather types :-(

  2. You did well to see what you did given the lousy conditions. It's worth returning another time can be a great place when not fogged out

  3. Cheers.Having been keeping an eye on the forcast wrt rain, bad fog just wasn't on my radar. Still, despite the dissapointment, I now have a better knowledge of the area ready for next time !