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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Wigeon on the Doorstep

It was nice and quiet as I approached Ladies Pool this morning, and cutting through the air was the unmistakable call of Wigeon. I had a seem some  there a few weeks ago, but they were at the far end, and in eclipse. Today there were 2 very smart males and a female. The one male was initially reasonably close so I took a quick bit of video of one calling, and the other can be heard replying. The rest of the circuit was fairly quiet but  I  needed the  walk, and I found out a few interesting things chatting to a couple of fellow locals, hopefully stuff I can see for myself and  utilise on the blog at some future point !


  1. Cracking drake Wigeon...a good patch bird! I have only ever had 2 records of wigeon at Captains Pool and both have been females

  2. Cheers, all the more pleasing as they don't hang around, they were gone when I passed back an hour or so later, same with the last lot, things tend to drop in and out