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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Scarce Chaser returns

Last Monday was the final day of my short break, and I was keen to get a final nature fix before returning to 9-5 grind. Problem was the weather was not very conducive to what I was interested in seeing so I delayed my outing and  caught up on a few chores.
Just after lunch, I decided to pop out to a local site just down the road, with no expectations, but nothing ventured !....
The site last year had produced a population of Scarce Chasers for the first time, so obviously it was of interest to see if this feat was to be repeated.Interestingly the larvae usually  have a 2 year life cycle.
As  I walked up the site the wind dropped and there was even a hint of warmth with a small break in the clouds...
A preliminary mooch around revealed only a  few of these Azure Damselflies

♂Azure Damselfly
 and a Common Carpet Moth.

As I walked back along the path however something caught my eye, quite literally, as it was perched at eye level...A Teneral Scarce Chaser !

Teneral Scarce Chaser

After watching it for a few minutes it moved further down the path and up into the higher vegetation. Following the path I saw possibly another ( it could have been the same one ) rise from a few yards away and head also for the trees. Nevertheless I was really pleased to connect with this species again and it is encouraging that there is a slight possibility they may become a fixture for a little longer.


  1. It's great news that some have emerged this year...lets hope numbers increase and more emerge over next week or so

  2. Absolutely, a welcome addition to the local wildlife scene mate