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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Wood White's and the Butterfly Bonanza

On Friday I ventured into a new part of the Wyre for me, hoping to connect with a species of butterfly that is fairly rare and localised, the Wood White.
It was a warm and sunny morning and as I walked towards the forest, I strayed onto a bit of  common land to see what was about. Almost straight away a Small Heath Butterfly settled on the path near me. I didn't even see this species last year , so it was most welcome sight.

Small Heath

As I dropped down into the area I was aiming for, there were good numbers of Speckled Yellow Moth and the occasional Fritillary. I was hoping to see some Small Peal Bordered Fritillaries but at this point couldn't get a clear ID on any.

Once I was in the area I thought I should be in, I picked up increasing numbers of Fritillaries and started glimpsing White Butterflies that seemed to fit the jizz of Wood White. However they were very lively in the bright hot sun by now.
A few Brimstones of both sexes were also on the wing.


Walking a bit further on the density of the Whites increased and I was finally happy I had found Wood White.

Wood White

 Here too were good numbers of Dingy Skipper . Finding a pair copulating was as good as finding the Wood Whites, and I managed this bit of video.

Over the next 90 minutes I enjoyed Wood White, Dingy Skipper and Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary and a few Pearl Bordered Fritillary, most of  which were a bit worn by now ..a very pleasant session.

Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary

The walk back to the car was hot and I was parched, so a quick Shandy at the pub where I had parked was most welcome before heading home, it's thirsty work this butterfly hunting !

Pearl Bordered Fritillary


  1. Some nice butterfly species there birderwolf, any butterfly is at a premium here at the moment!

  2. Thanks Warren. To be honest I struggle a bit with a post like this, because I don't want to give the impression it's all great out there. It's incresingly difficult to find these species, and my patch is struggling to produce much at all.My underlying feelings are of increasing dismay and frustration about the state of my local surroundings..I have to visit nature reserves increasingly to see species that should be widespread ...

  3. I was down there with a mate and 3 dogs birding i think i might have seen you in one of the meadows looking for plants and butterflies?

    Laurie -

  4. Hi Laurie, not sure..only remember seeing 2 folks all older lady and another chap looking at the butterflies, and the terrain was more tracks and rides rather than meadows.