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Monday, 27 January 2014

January finishes with an Invert flourish

The birding continues to be slow, and it was with some relief I finally added another bird to the patch pan list in the shape of a Sparrowhawk on the 25th, and after much lurking in the wood, a Treecreeper finally gave itself up on the 27th. I'm finding myself mainly looking for fungi at present, and this endeavour has produced several species to try and ID. This one is Crepidotus sp. but I'm informed its not possible to nail a definite ID without microscopy. 

The late surprise on 26th, when I thought I may be drawing a blank for the days session, was Scarlet Elf Cup. One small stick holding several examples.
Also found, King Alfreds Cakes and more Witches Butter,  but apparently with a parasitic fungus,  Heteromycophaga glandulosae

King Alfreds Cakes

 Heteromycophaga glandulosae parasitising Witches Butter

Plantwise, Dog Rose and Daisy ( Bellis Perennis) were noted too.

The Highlight of the weekend was undoubtedly finding an Orange Ladybird. It was hibernating on the trunk of a Sycamore, sheltering under a branch. This was a ladybird lifer for me, very pleasing to find.

My invertebrate roll continued, with a Lace Weaver Spider revealing itself on some loose bark. A bit of further reading suggested that, given the habitat, this was highly likely to be Amaurobius fenestralis rather than A. Similis.

A hatrick of invertebrate additions was scored late in added time on the 26th, with the final kick of a fallen log revealing a Woodlouse. I realised this one was different to my previous Common Striped, and indeed it turned out to be Common Shiny Woodlouse.

This Springtail was a nice find on a fence post on the 27th, I'm working on a definitive ID, maybe  Orchesella villosa or Entomobrya intermedia..or summat.

I also nabbed a Centipede, but nailing an ID on him may not be possible, but I'm working on it. Just when I thought I had bought all the Field Study Council Keys I would need too !
So,  a pleasing and interesting mixed bag  for the weekend, taking the total for the year and January to a 120 with a few on the back-burner.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your 'Invert Flourish' Mark.

    Keep up the good work and I hope February is as productive as January has been for you!

  2. Thanks Pam, it's been hard graft in this horrible weather, but also very satisfying. I'm finding it a great way to really learn more too. Not sure if I will have plateaued a bit until spring starts to kick in, but I will be out there trying !