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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Week 5 and digging deep.

No scores on the door for this, but another nice Orange Ladybird find during Weekend 5 of the Patch Bioblitz challenge. It was awake and feeding on a Sycamore.

However, with much foraging, a few morsels were added to the pan listing smorgasbord....

From orange to yellow, the first Yellowhammer of the year was a most welcome addition, I was beginning to wander where they were.
It was hard work again in the wood, and aside from the Ladybird, pretty quiet, but a selective bit of bark bothering brought me 2 nice species of spider. Below is the aptly named Silk Cell or Bark Sac Spider. He was present in his little sack ( the second white patch from the bottom), when he was rudely enucleated and bought home for identification.
 Clubiona corticalis

This was  the result of a similar bark raid the previous day,

Neriene montana
I had used a key in the week, as as far as I could tell, last weeks Springtail looked ok for Orchesella villosa 
I'm lichen this for Evernia prunastri ...

Oak Moss

and a double visit to this fungus satisfied me this was as suggested on ispot, Blackfoot Polypore

Having finally bagged a Rabbit ( well, flushed it), mammal number 4, and totted up a few bits and pieces,  the total has tip toed up to 129. It may be a struggle over the next few weeks until a few more plants make themselves a bit more recognisable, and more inverts appear, but I am really enjoying the challenge.


  1. It does indeed look like a Black-footed Polypore...great find Mark.

    As for getting video footage of Orange ladybird...we wont even go there!

  2. Cheers mate. Looking forward to seeing more of this species hopefully through the year