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Monday, 10 February 2014

Finch- fest boosts wet n windy week 6

 A brief respite from the crap weather on Monday lunchtime delivered some nice birding. Whilst studying a smallish finch flock, Chaff and Gold,  I scored a couple of Bramblings. This species has been very localised elsewhere in the area this winter, mainly over Lickey way I think. I was not at all hopeful of connecting with any this winter so this was a really good patch find. Bird 56. A pair of Goosander circled the pool but did't put down, and a Cormorant flew over.
A little further on I came across a stonking mixed flock of c75 Siskin and Redpoll.

 And close by a pair of Yellowhammers. I have yet to connect with a single Mipit, Skylark or Linnet or Kestrel on the patch, which is slightly worrying, and I'm not sure if it's the weather or the noticeable increased human and equine activity on the Paddocks every day.
Aside from Brambling, I managed to pick up 4 other additions to the Pan list whilst dodging the rain and gales the previous day.
The surprise was another Spider, Green Orb Weaver, on a Holly bush. He had the red spot by the spinners.

Reluctant as I am to get into the plants before they develop a bit further, it was a case of having too or fail to put any scores on the doors. Thankfully, the internet was there to help, and I managed Lords and Ladies, Small Nettle and Broad-buckler fern.
Species total up to 134

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