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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Mealy Redpoll, the headline, other stuff the story...

As I started my patch tour on Saturday, I came across a mixed Siskin and Redpoll group feeding on Alders. They have been fairly regular, as have some that I was increasingly convinced were showing good Mealy characteristics of the sub species C.flammea. This one the Mealy most

Mealy Redpoll ( Carduelis flammea )

 I was actually more pleased ( and relieved) to hear  a Skylark finally back on the patch, and  observe it parachuting. The paddock also held Skylark, as well as finally a few Meadow Pipits. A good avian weekend was rounded off by hearing a Tawny Owl call in the wood. My patch pan listing bird list is now 59 for the year, with Kestrel and Linnet still missing.

Three cracking invert finds provided the real buzz this weekend.

Firstly another Ladybird lifer, this time a Ten Spot Ladybird  ( Adalia decempunctata ) was lurking on Sycamore.

Another year tick was Harlequin Ladybird, but more interestingly in the form of a Pupae

Finally,a bit of patience lurking around the Snowdrops paid off. Not a Bee as I was hoping, buy a Bee mimic, the hoverfly Eristalsis tenax. After visiting a few Snowdrops, he settled to bask. I was really pleased to see something like this buzzing about, I had to wait until the end of March for one last year

On the plant front
Common Field Speedwell

Hairy Bitter Cress ( thanks to interweb experts for help )
Another fungi ( found by Trespasser JK, but may be dehydrated Witches Butter, so under review )
Exidia Plana ,

So that just left a mature earthworm photograph and another fungus to try and ID...never a dull moment patch pan listing.... So with listing ended for a second month
Current TOTAL 143

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