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Monday, 3 March 2014

Moths on the March

Although mothing has been limited, at least what has turned up have been new species so far this year.
This trend continued when I attempted a bit of impromptu patch mothing the other evening.
Driving through the patch I noticed a few moths in the headlights. So, I pulled over for 5 minutes and shone my beam into an open area next to some trees.
Soon there were some mothy critters about and after a couple of failed attempts, a decent sized moth settled a few yards in front of the car and was promptly potted.
When I go home, it turned out to be another new moth, The Engrailed. ( moth returned next morning ). .

The Engrailed
So, what else have I squeezed out ?... Common Rough Woodlouse

  Hairy Curtain Crust, a species I had forgotton about.Bluebell ( stems poking through leaf litter ) Whilst mooching through the leaf litter, I uncovered a White-legged Snake Milipede

And finally, a worm that keyed out seemingly ok, Red Head Worm

Red Head Worm, Lumbricus rubellus

Just waiting for Spring to kick in a bit now. Fungi has gone over, most plants still a bit early to ID with any certainty, birds static and Invert opportunities still limited. Should be a Chiffchaff in the next couple of weeks. Not inclined to get into Moses and Lichens now til after autumn !
Patch Pan List Total 149

A session with the MV Garden Trap on  1st of March yielded another single catch, but again a new species, and a rather apt one...March Moth.
March Moth, right on time

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