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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Dark Chestnut kicks off the mothing year

Last night I ran the MV trap for the first full night this year. The only 2 moths I've ever trapped in February are a Dark Chestnut (14/2/ 2013 ) and a Pale Brindled Beauty (19/22014).
It was a pretty cool night but lurking by the bulb this morning was my second ever Dark Chestnut, on exactly the same date as 2013. Hardly eye candy, but welcome nontheless
March 2013 was a bitterly unmothable month, with only Dotted Border recorded. March 2014 was positively balmy and I bagged 18 species. Hopefully the trapping of Dark Chestnut is not an omen, rather a chance to better the 2014 tally, which was my highest to date.


  1. Great to see a moth at all! I have my MV running tonight. Have had a couple of Mottled Umbers and a Pale Brindled Beauties so far this year but no Oak Beauties yet. Hoping tonight might produce some- no rain or wind here at the mo and it's 1.4 degrees, so we'll see. Well done on the DC.

  2. Many thanks, good luck with the trapping, lets hope its a good year !

  3. Still would like a moth trap, made do with a home made one last year. I all ways look forward to seeing what Countryside Tales has found. Look forward to seeing what you catch this year.
    Amanda xx