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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Patch firsts & early records

 Not a single sighting of Redpoll, Siskin or Brambling this year.However the year list is booming, with 2 lifers and a couple 'difficult to get' species added over the last few days. Mandarin Ducks certainly don't challenge ones ID skills, but this one was only the second record I have for the species.

This female Pintail, present on the same day, stayed for nearly a week, and was a lifer for the patch.

The good bird run continued with 13 flyover Lapwing, a long overdue patch lifer, and Red Legged Partridge made its usual March addition, on the first day of the month. With 63 species now recorded in 2015, I have a real chance of smashing last years total, and need 4 more lifers for the landmark century of species.

In non avian news, Lesser Celandine was in flower on 20th February, slightly ahead of the national average date I believe.

Something else ahead of their dates appear to be my moths. I finished February with a Common Quaker on the 28th, 6 days earlier than last years first record.

On the 25th I had a Small Quaker, and  Agonopterix heracliana, 16 and 12 days earlier than 2014 respectively.
So,also my best moth February to date, with a hearty 4 species recorded. Spring could be just around the corner.......


  1. We seem to have good numbers of Mandarin Ducks round here, with most rivers and water areas having at least one pair. Lesser Celandine is one of the spring flowers I look for to record it's flowering time at the same area, no joy yet, bring on the sun..
    Amanda xx

  2. Yes, I'm recording for The Natures Calendar Survey with The Woodland Trust. Phenology is fascinating. Will be interesting to see if the Chiffchaffs appear on the 'usual' date next. Mark :)

  3. Just had a look, recorded Calendar last year on 28/2/14 but the year before was much later (very cold Winter) on 28/5/13, big difference.
    Amanda xx