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Monday, 27 February 2012

Out and About Grimley 25th Feb

Today myself and the Shenstone Birder decided to have a little  birding potpourri. This mainly lead to Jason directing me down roads unsuitable for 4x4's and dead ends, but between such escapades we stopped off to see a few birds.
Near Ombersly Golf Club we surveyed a field for 30 minutes enjoying some nice Bullfinches, Linnets, a male Kestrel and a Buzzard. We then headed for Grimley. At the sailing pool a Little Grebe was diving. Onto the north end of Camp Lane pits we scanned a large flock of Canada's hoping for a rare interloper, but only came across an oystercatcher of interest.
At Wagon Wheel Lane pits I was delighted to see my first butterfly of the year, a small Tortoiseshell, as well as a Bee. Bird wise things livened up with 3 Oystercatchers, and a year tick in the form of Green Sandpiper. There was a large flock of BHG's interspersed with LBBG's of various ages.At the far side Grey herons lurked in the trees.
The south end of Camp Lane was bustling with Wild fowl. Some splendid looking Gadwalls and Pochard and Wigeon of note.
The butterfly combined with some hearty singing and display flight from Skylarks in the sunshine suggested Spring was just around the corner.

Small Tortoiseshell,my
 1st butterfly of the year


  1. Nothing like your first flutter of the year :-)

  2. Yes, I think I am lucky to find something like this so uplifting, whets the appetite for spring too !