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Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Walk In The Woods.. Saturday 4th Feb 2012

With sub zero temperatures and a forecast of snow, myself, Shenstone Birder and Wild Stuff decided to do the sensible thing and meet in a remote part of the Wyre in pursuit of a shy and rarely seen small bird. I'll tell you now, we dipped. We not only dipped, we got very cold, and for a couple of minutes, mildly lost. It wasn't quite echo's of the film 'Deliverance', but I can reveal now, Jason and I had decided, if it came to it, we would eat Gert.
The woods were beautiful, and some new ground was covered that held much promise for flora and fauna over the coming months. All the tit species of that part of Worcestershire were encountered, along with good numbers of Goldcrest and a few Nuthatch. A Raven Kronked over, and a Buzzard sat eyeing us from it's woody perch. Redwings, a Jay and a Song Thrush russled through the leaves.
The other two peckers ( that's Green and Great Spotted, not my companions) were spied. With banter and much mutual enthusiasm for what might have been, what indeed was, and what could be seen it was as satisfying and uplifting a couple of hours as one could wish for.The snow started as we returned to the car park.

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  1. I will give you the other two peckers!

    Nice write up Mark. Even though we didnt catch up with the target species, it was still nice to see a good mix of woodland birds.