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Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunday 12th Feb, Quick year tick

With only an hour or so available for birding this morning, I decided to try my luck at adding a year tick that had escaped me so far this year.
I headed to Shenstone, for some blatant interloping, but first stopped off at Hodge Hill farmshop for the ingredients for a a bit of brunch. On the Car park were quite a few House sparrows, Collard Doves and Chaffinches. I whipped my bins out just in case I had seen Brambling on this site last year. Satisfied there were no bramblings I then  observed a flock of 21 Lapwing overhead going towards the Hurcott area.
Back in the car I decided to check what was on Hurcott Pool, the answer being 1 LBB.. and a Grey Heron. The pool was totally frozen.
Next I headed to Stanklyn Lane which was very quiet around the paddocks, save for a Jay and 3 hot air balloons.
Parking up at Heath Lane I took a stroll. Skylarks were calling and overhead passed the lapwing flock again, all 21 present and correct.
Near the Muslim college a yellowhammer was perched high in one of the bordering trees. The field to the side of the paddock had Skylark, but it was the 'jangly key's' call of Corn Bunting that pleased me, locating a single individual on the telegraph wire. Result!
On the way back to the car I spent a moment enjoying  the half dozen Fieldfare in the Muslim College grounds before heading home for a pre match Bacon sarnie. The rest of the day we shall drawer a veil over....
Is it Bird ? Is It a Plane ?


  1. Nice pun, being by the Muslim school - drawing a veil....


  2. Considering the afternoon you had I bet you wish you had continued birding;)

  3. I can think of many things that would have been less painful Gavo