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Friday, 10 August 2012

Migrant Hawker and Garden Moths

Having toyed for a couple of days with the idea of  taking a trip into Gloucestershire for Chalkhill Blues, I decided I couldn't be bothered with the driving and fuel expense, so true to the blog name( well the Doorstep bit ), decided to see what else I could winkle out in my immediate surroundings.
I've been running my moth trap a little this week while on holiday, and it's been steady rather than spectacular.
Most recently I've had Uncertain, Bramble Shoot, Early Thorn and Riband Wave in the trap, and Common Wave and Yellow Shell in the garden which I potted for ID as they flitted around the outside light.
This morning when I opened the trap, I was pleased to see 2 new species. The first was a Swift Moth, Orange Swift. The second was a bit special. A large Noctuidae called 'Old Lady'. These are not renown for coming to light so I was really pleased with this big fella.

Old Lady ( Mormo maura )
With 22 species of Dragonfly seen and photographed in VC37 I've had a pretty good run in my first full Odonata year. I had seen what was almost certainly Migrant Hawker at a couple of locations in the last few days, but non had settled, so there was allways that lingering doubt,. I resolved today to try and nab one. I headed to Upton Warren, where they seemed plentiful on Saturday, also hoping for some sign of Brown Argus. It seemed like there had been a newish emergence of Banded Demoiselles with plenty of fresh looking individuals lurking at every turn.  I had noted a single Ruddy Darter on Saturday too, not a nailed on species there, but today there were quite a few.

Ruddy Darter

Butterflywise things were not picking up much, except the Peacocks had increased a little.

Eventually I caught up with what looked like a Migrant Hawker doing his hawking business. After a while it settled and I gradually worked my way in for a closer look, a stunner !. Being happy this was the the boy( literally, as it was an immature male), I grabbed a couple of snaps..job was a good'en.

Migrant Hawker

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