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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Purple Hairstreak..Patch mega ! 8th August

Funny how things come together sometimes. I had been watching a few Oak tree's on my patch on and off for a few days, especially one, liking it for a certain butterfly that had eluded me on missions to see it in other locations.
Having been out and about in the morning I'd lost my mojo a little, and even a text from JK advising me he was interloping could not stir me from my siesta to get back out.
However, after 30 winks, I decided to go and check his permit was up to date, and we met up on Local Patch Lane, Doorstepshire.
The sun had finally emerged and things were looking quite lively on the wing. My usual species for that spot were about, but it was nice to see a juvenile Blackcap being fed by the male.
Anyway, all of sudden, from near the prime suspect Oak, Jason called 'Purple Hairstreak !'...and there one was, nice and low, showing as well as one could hope really...I managed to clock it in my bins,and stay calm enough to fire off  a quick snap before it flitted away. What a great week on the patch ! This was a butterfly lifer for me, so seeing it on my local patch was extra special. Thanks again to JK for a memorable find.

Purple Hairstreak (female)


  1. You are on a roll Mark! I would be chuffed with the sighting and the image you have taken!

  2. Thanks Pam, the patch is producing at the moment, I've been very frustrated at times with the lack of results,but time out in the field is limited too.. but no complaints of late. I was very lucky to get this pic, they are not the most obliging of Butterflies by reputation.

  3. Glad you managed to see the species and get a cracking shot too. Will send my invoice through the post!

  4. They are great little flutters :-) Not so many about here this year though.