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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Moths on the up, Birding coming back

Birding's coming back. With Spotted Fly passing through the patch this week, and the wires reporting a bit of movement, I'm getting a yearning to refocus on the birds.
But lets not foreget the Moths ! I seem to be making progress with the trap.Several new species trapped of late gets my  juices flowing again as it was getting a bit rubbish. The better weather and a bit of technique  modification seem to be reaping rewards.The most foxy and photogenic of the latest additions are Lesser broad-bordered yellow Underwing and Orange Swift.
Orange Swift..ohhhhhh nnnice !

Lesser broad-bordered yellow Underwing

 I chose the wrong half of the day, the bit before the rain, to visit Upton this morning, as it  got a decent wader in the afternoon. As I'm not really a year lister, and I'd seen one there before, I wasn't twitchng it.
 Instead I was checking my patch with an eye to the aforementioned rain bringing a good 'homer' down. I started at the paddocks where there were good numbers of Pied Wagtail  a dozen or so Linnets, Starlings and Corvids. The male Linnets were looking good from a distance with their pinky fronts.
A Greater Spotted Woodpecker went over, and a group of House Matins fed overhead noisily for a few moments, joining the summer resident  Swallows. A Grey Heron hugged the treeline, heading perhaps to the small fishing pool.The House Sparrow flock has plenty of young showing now.
 Round at the pumping station it was a bit quiet initially, before a Buzzard called his arrival. I have seen Blackcaps feeding young here, and today I watched the Whitethroats tend  a Juv, returning regularly with an invert snack. Nice to see some more successful breeding.
Whitethroat on patch tending a hidden juv

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