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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

6th-14th May ; A few more first's on the Doorstep

The Biggest Surprise on my patch for a while was spotting a Grass Snake as I walked some set aside close to Barnet Brook wood, a patch reptile mega !! I legged it straight away, unfortunately before I could get a record shot.
On  the same Bank Holiday Monday I was delighted to find a patch Garden Warbler. There were also good numbers of Orange Tips about. A species that had worryingly eluded me thus far in 2013 was Speckled Wood. Thankfully during a four hour thrash of the patch, I came across a handful of this species, which I think is a bit under rated. A very smart butterfly and I love finding them in the dappled sunlight of woods and lanes.

1st Speckled Wood of the year , on my local patch too.

 I also had my first Holly Blue out on the patch,  and 3 were flitting around my Laurel that weekend.
It was good to see the numbers of Common Whitethroat building too, but it is noticeable how behind some of the vegetation seems to be, many hedges still quite bare I think for the time of year.
The addition of some Lavender to the garden has yielded rapid results, and this ♀ Hairy Footed Flower Bee was soon on the case

Hairy Footed Flower Bee

The moth trap has been steady rather than spectacular. I've had regular but small numbers of Early ThornBridled Beauty, Early Grey and Hebrew Character mostly of late.
The latest 'lifers' have been a single Shoulder Stripe, and Red Twin Spot Carpet, taking the total species trapped in the garden up to 17 this year so far. Hopefully the introduction of Lavender, Budldeia, Honeysuckle and a few others will increase the inverts attracted, if the sun shines again like it did for the Bank Holiday !

Brindled Beauty

Red twin spot Carpet

Shoulder Stripe


  1. Sounds like a good day! I would love to see a grass snake. I saw some orange tips today, didn't really notice them before!

  2. Cheers, yes one of those rare days when the sun has shone on the local just shows the difference it can make !