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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Duke of Burgundy crowns the day

It was off to the glorious Cotswolds and a site near Stroud that has the potential to yield the rare Duke of Burgundy butterfly. I had studied the weather and there was a chance of a little sun, but the unreliability of spring made this a bit of a risky venture, and even if it was kind, there was no gaurentee I would see the critter.
There were dozens of Early Purple Orchids on site.

Early Purple Orchid

And luck was on my side, after an hour or so, with nothing but a fleeting glimpse of a Lattice Heath Moth I chanced upon an area that held held around 10 Duke of Burgundy's ! They all appeared to be be pretty fresh too. In the same area were a number of very flighty Dingy Skippers, and a couple of Green Hairstreaks. The patchy sun meant the butterflies were lying low for periods of time, but over a couple of hours I enjoyed some right royal company!

The Duke !

Dingy Skipper

Green Hairstreak

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