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Monday, 27 May 2013

Club tailed Dragonfly ..and more !

A session combing the banks of the River Severn on Saturday eventually paid dividends when I located a Common Club-tail Dragonfly. It was fairly newly emerged and doing it's best to lay low in the long grass while it got itself together. Not many county sightings at this point, didn't expect my first Dragonfly of the year to be this one to be honest.

Club tailed Dragonfly

There was a complete lack of other Odonata, which ironically had been my banker..I was expecting to see a few damselflies, and just hoping I would get lucky with a Club tail. Also of interest was a couple of caterpillars, the larvae of Drinker Moth and Scarlet Tiger moth.

Scarlet Tiger Moth Larvae

Drinker Moth Larvae

There were also reasonable numbers of the diminutive Lesser Yellow Underwing moth.

Lesser yellow Underwing

From here I moved onto The Wyre and in search of a speciality that has been slow (like most things ) to show in any numbers this spring.Along the way there good numbers of Speckled Yellow Moth ( far to lively ) and Brimstones After a bit of walking I found a good spot and was lucky enough to observe a pair of copulating Pearl Bordered Fritillaries, showing nice and close.

Pearl Bordered Fritillaries

One the way home I swung by my patch, and  I was  clearly on a roll ! I was delighted to spot a moth that has eluded me til now, Mother Shipton.

Mother Shipton
What a fine day !...Click my Flickr link for more images


  1. Wouldn't mind see one of those Clubtail Dragons, interesting little beastie!

  2. What a great invertebrate weekend you had Mark. there are a few species there that I am yet to see this year!

  3. Cheers both. It was a really pleasing couple of days overall

  4. Your efforts paid off Mark! Great species seen by you!

    Love your latest Header image!

  5. Thanks Pam. The weather was kind. Lets hope for more of the same soon, we, and more, the wildlife, deserve it !