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Friday, 30 December 2011

Friday 30th Dec 2011- Ladies Pool Area

Today was a day to test ones metal in terms of getting out on a local patch. The prospect of rain was high, the light was low and the lethargy and dyspepsia induced by several days of excess was threatening to become chronic. I needed to get out !

It is notable that Redwings are increasingly lurking around in the tree's near my house, and making forays into the berry bearing bushes. Hopefully a decent photo opportunity will present soon.It is also notable there are virtually no Fieldfares ( not the case a few miles down the road). Heading towards Ladies Pool Corvids were represented by Carrrion Crow, then Jackdaw and then a pair of Jays. Two male Teal, looking resplendent in their winter plumage, muddled about on the annoyingly hard to view Forge Pool.

Ladies Pool had recently had good numbers of Goosander but today was restricted to a single female. 5 Tufted Ducks were the only other notable bird's amongst the usual Mallards, Black Headed Gulls and Coots. This was probably due to the numerous bloke's dangling long poles with a worm on the end into the aforementioned pool. Each to his own I suppose.

A couple of finch flocks are starting to group, the largest down towards Barnet Brooke on a large stubble field. Unfortunately as I latched onto a mixed flock of 50+ Chaffinches and Goldfinches it started to rain, and being a fair weather wuss I decided to hurry back, missing the opportunity to possibly bag my first Brambling of the winter.

On passing the private wood, even the the Birds seem to respect the foreboding signs. I noticed some fungi on the side of a Birch Tree, which had dared to enter. I assume it  is Birch Polypore (more interestingly called Razorestrop Fungus)  (see photo). There was the  worrying lack of Yellowhammer and a healthy population of Green Woodpeckers also noted on the dash home
Birch Polypore