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Sunday, 27 October 2013


October, a month with the hope of passage birds, and still a few Inverts around if the weather is kind.The first and last weekends have been the most productive. Lets start with the first.
From the moth trap, some more lifers. September and  October are the months the much sought after. Merveille du Jour can be trapped. It's a lovely looking moth with a fancy name to match. It's quite a trophy species for moth botherers like me. Every morning visit to the trap brings a tingle of anticipation in case a 'Merv' is lurking. Anyway, these two fella's were a decent start..

Green-brindled Cresent ( f.capucina ) )

Angle Shades

Whilst a trip up to Titterstone produced no Stonechats, and only 1 Wheatear it did  produce a decent immigrant moth.

Rush Veneer

 And a caterpillar I had never come across.

Broom Moth Caterpillar

Ironically , my first ever patch Stonechat was waiting for me back home, found by local birder Terry H.

Stonechat ( Patch Lifer )
Another patch rarity this year has been Red Admiral. This one was enjoying the ivy blossom that afternoon on the patch

Only the 2nd patch Red Admiral of 2013
Also that afternoon was the first time I managed to get a record shot of a Hawker on my patch

♀ Southern Hawker
The rest of the month , locally,was pretty pants, until this weekend, except for a Rock Pipit at Grimley. I made a sojourn to Norfolk for a couple of nights, and suffice to say, I had plenty of good birds. Eider's, Velvet Scoter, all the waders and Geese you would expect, Marsh Harriers by the score...Thankfully, the moths have kept me going on the home front....Back to them...
Grey Shoulder Knot 12/10/2013


Juniper Carpet 12/10/2013

I've had quite a few Junipers this month, and November Moth's have been the next most common. Indeed final trapping of the month on Friday 25th, I had 3 and 2 respectively. Also, another nice lifer, Figure of Eight moth.

Figure of Eight

But the jewel in crown was settled just next to the trap as I checked it that evening, the much sought after MDJ !!!  Get In !!

Merveille du Jour    :-)