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Sunday 3 January 2016

New Year Flower Hunt

1st January 2016

The Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland invites people every year to undertake a New Year Plant survey.
The idea is to find as many flowering wild flowers you can within 3  hours maximum mooching about.
The weather of course has been terrible and ground conditions are not at all good in some places, but you have to get out there and just do the best you can. I had done a couple of dry runs ( Ha !! ) over Xmas which had pleasingly yielded a couple of new species for the 'Pan List'.

So, despite the weather, a couple of hours out in the field yielded 19 definite ID's. One Cabbage family plant proved to tricky and the poor condition of a few daisy family jobbies was a bit too challenging.
Still, its surprising to think before hand there will be 20 odd species in flower out there on the patch at this time of year. Its quite addictive once you get going ! Happy New Year !

Germander Speedwell deconstructed

Greater Periwinkle
Field Madder
Field Pansey
Hairy Bitter Cress
Smooth Hawks-beard
Wild Radish
Prickly Sow Thistle
Common Ragwort
Germander Speedwell
Common Field Speedwell
Red Campion
White Dead Nettle
Red Dead Nettle
Dandelion agg

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